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A few weeks back was treated to an amazing breakfast spread by the very talented Chef Tushar Deshpande at Arbour Kitchen, KN. This meal was arguably one of the best breakfasts I have had this month.

We started off with a gorgeous Bacon and Cheese Bagel. The bagel was lightly toasted, giving it a nice bit of crunch as we bit into the generous crispy bacon and gooey egg. Absolutely brilliant – right up there with the Deli sandwiches I have had in NY.

I also loved the Chef’s take on the Eggs Benedict, by adding Irish Corned Beef – The spiced Hollandaise was creamy and delicious, with the runny egg adding some creaminess to the unbelievable corned beef.

Another spectacular take on the Eggs Benedict was the Spiced Salami and Oyster Mushrooms Eggs Benedict. All this topped on an baked-in-house toasted bread – the combination of the runny sumac spiced egg, the slimy funky mushrooms, the spiced salami, and the crisp/soft bread – breakfast dreams are made of these!

There were a few misses too – the Turkish Eggs with hung curd, soft poached eggs and aubergines (brinjals) were just a mish-mash of flavors and textures. The “Full Sunday Breakfast” too was nothing out of the ordinary – you can find the same combination in pretty much any self respecting bistro in the city. The Breakfast skillet too was an eclectic mixture of cold cuts, meats and veggies which didn’t really spark joy.

We ended with the Caramel French Toast – which, despite our very heavy bellies, were addictive. Sweet french toast dunked in dark chocolate sauce and/or maple syrup is stuff reserved for that special corner in your tummy.

Overall, expect some great food when landing up at Arbour Kitchen – the chef surely knows his meat!